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Using technology to link learning and work

Time Tink was designed to solve a problem - how to link practical experience with the learning experience.


Institutions need a way of capturing the varied activities they build into learning, such as industry projects, placements, site visits, field work and more. These elements are becoming increasingly popular and a drawcard for learners who want the opportunity to apply learning in a real life context.

These activities are usually been recorded manually, if at all. This means institutions don't always capture all of the activity and engagement of their learners and learners don't have an individual, detailed record to show the work connected to their learning.

So Time Tink was created to automate the capture, verification and reporting of hours associated with the practical elements of learning. It is a simple, digital way to do away the paperwork and the resources tied up with the administrative process. Whether it is to avoid lost paper records, to gain quick oversights, provide a detailed and individual record, Time Tink is the simple solution.


How it all started

Alana Harris

Dr Alana Harris has worked as a lecturer, administrator and researcher in higher education, been involved in governance and lead a research team in edtech and program digitisation. Over the years, she kept seeing the same problem through different lenses. Students were recording their practical hours of learning in an ad-hoc way that was often paper-based, usually not comprehensive or consistent and was then manually shoe-horned into their institution's system.

Inspired by an app she used to log hours whilst teaching her daughter to drive, Alana started developing Time Tink as a simple, digital means of capturing, verifying and reporting data. The idea was to design something that is simple to use and gives learners, their supervisors and educators quick, accurate and tailored data relating to practical hours. She has drawn on her own experiences and research with users to devise a way to capture, verify and record practical hours across a range of different learning experiences and diverse courses. So Time Tink was designed with a focus on user experience; desktop or device, online or on-site, real time or retrospective.

Alana continues to lecture at university and is passionate about getting her students to draw on their practical experiences to identify real world problems to develop into industry based research projects. 

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