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Three Coworkers

Time Tink for learners

The platform has been designed to be simple. Simple to get started and simple to use. As you accumulate hours of work, have the hours verified, all in the palm of your hand.

Record and track your hours in real time. Forgot to log your hours? You can logon after you have done the work and add your hours for the day. Want to add a block of hours that you have already worked to be verified? You can do that too. No wi-fi, no problem! You can enter hours and save them and synch them later. 

Love detail? You can add notes, attachments or links to the hours if you like. You can include notes to yourself or notes to your supervisor is you want. This can be helpful for assessments, achieving learning goals, gathering evidence for a portfolio or just keeping track of what you have been learning and the skills you are developing. Just want to record and verify the hours that you have worked, that's okay too.

Time Tink is flexible and easy so that it can be used in a way that suits you.

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