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Time Tink for supervisors

Time Tink helps you keep track of learners who you are supervising. Do you have people working for you who need to record and verify their hours? They might be interns, volunteers or doing some form of work experience. With Time Tink you can verify the hours that they have submitted, you can add comments if you want and then see who has worked what hours and when, all in a few simple clicks.


You can logon via your phone or laptop and approve or reject hours that have been logged and submitted. You can add comments to offer feedback or simply sign off. At any time, you can view the dashboard to see the progress your learner is making or click a button to download a customisable report. 

Time Tink is a simple way of capturing, verifying and reporting the hours associated with a qualification for the learner but you can use it a number of ways too. It can be used as part of a structured program which might include hours, feedback, mentoring or coaching. You might use it to track the contribution of learners who are with you temporarily. You can also use the data to support workforce management and decisions. 

Time Tink is simple to use and flexible to meet your needs.

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