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What is Time Tink?

Time Tink is a platform that is used by learners and their supervisors to collect, verify and report practical hours relating to a course of study.

All users can access their most to date data on any device via a dashboard or downloadable report. There is also the option of downloading the data to use with other reporting.

What does it do?


  • Record hours worked in a place or on a project.

  • Add hours in real time or a block of hours.

  • Add comments or attachments to the hours.

  • Have the hours verified by a supervisor.


  • An approved supervisor will approve or reject hours with a single click.

  • The supervisor can add comments of their own to hours submitted.

  • Completed hours are updated immediately.


  • All recorded hours can be reported.

  • Report on total hours, approved hours, rejected hours and comments. 

  • Monitor progress and feedback all in one place, all in real time.

How does it work?

Time Tink process
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