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Real time data for working learners

How it all started

Time Tink captures, verifies and reports the practical hours relating to a course of study.

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The Experience Link

Capturing practical learning.  Time Tink enables you to record and verify learner hours and monitor their progress.

Not all hours of work are equal. Time Tink captures the different shape, context and timing of learner hours to create a unique set of experiences for each individual.

Building a unique path for each learner. Time Tink collects and collates those blocks of time to create the steps of each individual and unique path. 

Who needs to use Time Tink?

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Make experience count

Conveniently record your practical hours and have those hours verified. Add comments and collect feedback as you go.


Support quality outcomes

Easily monitor the progress of multiple learners in one place in real time. Focus resources on learners who need the support.


Easily keep track

You can effortlessly track the progress of your current learners, provide them with feedback and report activity in real time.

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Why Time Tink?

It's personalised 

Some people want to view their progress, others want to download the numbers. The platform can be customised to meet your needs so you can capture everything you need effortlessly, on any device.

It's accessible from all locations

Available across devices for people on the go. If your device doesn't have internet connection, record it and synch your record at a later time that suits you. You can display, download or email records of activity when and where you need it.

It's simple to use

Time Tink has been designed to be easy to use with minimal clicks to capture, verify and report because technology should be designed to save time and effort.

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