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Adult Education Course



Alana Harris

I am both a passionate educator and seasoned researcher. I am interested in transformative experiences and social connectivity and I believe that data driven evaluation, analysis and solutions are ultimately what allows these experiences to shaped to be meaningful, valuable and relevant.


My education experience provides the empathetic but pragmatic user-centric lens. Both my academic and practical research experience has equipped me with the skills to view a problem from different perspectives and select from a range of tools to get to the heart of the problem.


Evidence-based decision making has been a driver of my contributions to product and process design. 

I am an optimist and I see incredible change on the horizon.


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Adult Education Course

Learner attrition

Examining, explaining & resolving
Chart analysis

Product viability 

Collating, assessing & deciding

Learner personas

Exploring, understanding & identifying

Product development

Exploring, validating & developing
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